Commander Keen Mods

The Terror From Outer Space by Dr Colossus (Keen 4)

With a very modern visual style highly polished in most aspects, The Terror From Outer Space features a generic but well composed sci-fi/horror plot befitting of its cheesy title, though its presentation lacks the more comedic embellishment typical of the original Keen games. An abandoned Vorticon mining ship has been reactivated and Keen is sent to investigate.

Levels are often long and intricate, making extensive use of puzzle elements such as bridges, doors and platforms. This is offset by a good balance of hazards that require planning as well as timing but remain reasonably fair. They are populated by all new fascinating creatures, many of which have been patched to be nearly unrecognisable.

The space ship graphics (and one entire level) are reinvented from Commander Keen 2 into the "2.5D" perspective of the second trilogy, later transitioning into a blend of organic and techological themes. Great attention to detail and increasingly diverse level environments set to a soundtrack of industrial, electro and punk covers render the mod an experience of its own.

The early stages of the world map feature a "2.5D" rendition of Keen 2's Vorticon mothership tileset.

Later levels frequently merge organic and technological themes.