Commander Keen Mods

Invasion of the Yorps 1: Crash on Gobo III by Ceilick (Keen 1)

This is an opinion piece from VikingBoyBilly about Crash on Gobo III by Ceilick (Keen 1, 2002):

It's... well, honestly I didn't like it (especially compared to Ceilick's later mods), but it's not the worst. But I swear I could mistake this for KeenRush's first mod because it's so fucling hard. Gratefully, there aren't that many levels, so you don't need to suffer for long. There's still two more mods in this series, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Most of the graphics are recolors and sprite edits, and there's even a recolor of an enemy from Yorphius II.

I suspect Ceilick was a child when he wrote the story text, which is "Keen crashed on this planet for no reason and his ship parts scattered for no reason and the aliens will attack him for no reason so get to it!"

Turns out this is a 3-parter, with Planet Destruction next up in the series, so I may continue reviewing these. It lacks the charm of Ceilick's Story Land and Decree of the Skree series, and you really should go play those, but I think this is the second mod ever after Yorphius II (Keen 1, 2002), so for it's time it's par and it offered a good challenge to veterans (before mods would take "challenge" to ridiculous extremes).