Commander Keen Mods

The Grand Intellect in Doomship Dilemma by Dr Kylstein/Levellass (Keen 1)

The original concept was created by Dr. Villain (now known as Dr. Kylstein) but left as an unfinished but highly promising beta in 2004, finding the Vorticons engine too limiting and instead attempting to adapt it Multimedia Fusion fan game. Levellass and a small team released a completed version 5 years later in 2009, filling it in with levels, new sound effects and other polishing details. Szemi created a modified "Ultimate version" in 2014, but that's a story for another day.

This mod hates you. If you don't first get killed to death on perfect timing jumps onto slippery ice platforms scattered with deadly plasma balls, it will try to bore you to death with the cardinal level design sin known as Long Hallway Syndrome (although you'll die of old age in that case as there are no killing tiles or sprites by which to escape early) or fry your brain with incoherent and glitchy teleporter mazes. And you deserve all of it, you mental wimps.

The graphics are extraordinary for a Vorticons mod, despite a retina-burning purple background. The tiles and various other artwork make impressive use of the EGA palette for shading effects and everything comes together to create a classically alien atmosphere worth exploring and dying in a lot. The objective is a standard collect-four-items affair, with Mort searching for parts to his Mangling Machine that Keen has stolen and his bungling minions are incapable of retrieving.

You definitely need to play it even if you have to cheat a lot.