Commander Keen Mods

Clouds Unseen by StupidBunny (Keen 1)

A surreal, minimalist and somewhat nihilistic black and white adventure kept intentionally generic that would fit right in alongside a modern line-up of indie games. A sparse story text explains that there is no story and then proceeds to invent a story about "Character" who has misplaced some souvenirs.

Originally the mod was guilty of some hazards which many players found too frustrating (common among mods which are mainly playtested by their creators), so a slightly easier version is also included.

Well compartmentalised and interconnected corridors and rooms throughout the levels give a solid sense of internal space amidst the atmospheric outdoor areas, blending mazey exploration with nicely balanced jump/dodge hazards and key/door puzzles (in the easy version, at least).

Enemies, graphically but not behaviourally modified, are used in careful combination to offer just enough confrontation without giving either side too much of an advantage.

There isn't much of a conclusion to this review and it has taken ages to write it so I am taking the lazy path of abruptly stating The End because art. Fin.

Fine use of lines to hint at a diverse realm of emptiness. Also propaganda cannons.

Non-linear roadtrip