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Brave Arts - Sarsfield Snaps

Launch Gallery

Forge Theatre - Brabuwooloong Gallery

Virtual reality exhibition featuring photography captured by Sarsfield community.


↑ ↓ ← → Cursor Keys or use on-screen arrows with mouse/touchscreen (left/right to turn)
Or WASD gaming-style controls (left/right to strafe)
Click/tap floor circles or photos on walls to jump to those locations. When in front of photos, click/tap individual images to zoom in. Click/tap again to zoom out.

Click and drag with mouse or swipe touchscreen
or press eye button at bottom to look around using physical phone movement.

Replication of exhibit presented at the Forge Theatre's Brabuwooloong Gallery in June-July 2021.

Produced on behalf of Brave Arts East Gippsland - @BraveArtsEG on Facebook and Instagram.

Compatible with all major browsers. Chrome or Safari recommended for best experience.

If encountering poor graphics performance on PC, try toggling the HD/SD button at the bottom-right or shrink the window.

If you encounter any unexpected problems, email jimage AT gmail DOT com.

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